The Friars

St. Dominic founded the Friars Preachers in the year 1216 AD. The Friars, both priests and cooperator brothers, profess the vow of obedience and embrace poverty and chastity. The friars dedicate their lives to the preaching of the Eternal Word Jesus Christ, the Truth (Veritas) in different ways. The friars are ordained to the presbyter order for the ministry of the sacraments and preaching the Word of God. The cooperator brothers also serve the Order according to their talents and abilities in different ways. The Friars of the Order are engaged in different ministries such as:

itinerant preaching, parish ministry, teaching in schools, college, universities, writings, catechetical formation, social work, health care, the art work, internal administration of their institutes. To fulfill these ministries they live in community and develop their deep union with Christ through their community life. “Our friendship with God becomes flesh and blood in the texture of our common life” said by Fr. Timothy Radcliffe. The friars try to follow the example of St. Dominic who was always joyful, kind, compassionate and a pleasant companion to his brothers and sisters.


The first known Dominican arrived in the Indian sub-continental in 1291, just 70 years after the death of St. Dominic. By the 17th century the Dominican Congregation of India, based in the Portuguese settlement at Goa, numbered about 350 brothers, but died out in the 19th century.

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