Visit of Regent of Studies Rev. Fr. Pascal Paulus OP to Karachi Community

on 31st Jan to 3rd of Feb 2022, The Regent of Studies, Rev. Fr. Pascal Paulus OP visited the Dominicans House of Studies Karachi and had had individual meetings with student brothers regarding their studies and shared his future vision for young Dominican brothers in the field of studies.
He pointed out the importance of study in St Dominic’s example and in the Order he founded, so that “knowledge enlightens compassion, and compassion enlivens knowledge, and gives birth to wisdom, the wisdom that comes from above”.
He further said that study and intellectual life, as an essential dimension of the mission of the Order of Preachers. The preaching of grace in the footsteps of Saint Dominic and the sharing in his compassion and commitment to the fullness of life the salvation of all men and women and of all peoples, urge us to “cultivate the inclination of human beings towards the Truth” (Cf. LCO, 77).
He had personal meetings with each brother about their theological studies at National Catholic Institute of Theology Karachi. He appreciated the brothers about their academic result. He also shared the summer studies plan with brothers and encouraged them to participate in it at Ibn-e-Mariam House of Studies Philosophy, Pak-Arab Lahore. He encouraged brothers to the men of studies and result oriented friars. At the end on behalf of brothers Bro. Irfan Christ OP, thanked Rev. Fr. Pascal Paulus OP for his official visit to the Dominican House of Studies Karachi. Master of Students Fr. Akhtar Naveed OP also extended his sincere words of thanks to the Regent of Studies.