Annual Meeting of the Board of Education of Ibn-e-Mariam Vice Province, Pakistan

Education occupies a central place in human development. That is why the Church has been a pioneer in establishing schools, colleges, hostels, technical institutes and the world over and especially in Pakistan. For instance, in Pakistan, the Christian missionaries opened their schools for all children whereas in traditional education system of Pakistan, not all and only those of the so-called upper castes were permitted to learn. Christianity contributed enormously to the development of Pakistan through education. There are several Orders and Congregations of the clergy and religious which have been working for the education in Pakistan.
Dominican missionaries no doubt contributed a lot in the field of education. At present, the Ibn-e-Mariam Vice of Pakistan is contributing as one of their priorities in the field of education today. On 26th February 2021 the Board of Education of the Ibn-e-Mariam Vice Province of Pakistan had annual meeting. In this meeting Fr. Nadeem Joseph, OP (President of the Education Board), Mr. Naeem Gill (Resource Person), Fr. Shakeel Michael, OP (Socius to the Prior Vice Provincial), Fr. Yasir Paul, OP (Principal of St. Dominic’s Convent High School, Model Town A, Bahwalpur) and Fr. Azhar Lal, OP (Principal of St. Dominic’s Convent High School, Holy Rosary Priory, Waripura, Faisalabad were present.
fr. Shakeel Michael, OP representing Very. Rev. Fr. Younas Shahzad OP Prior Vice Provincial presided over the meeting and presented the agenda annual meeting. In this program principals shared their annual reports 2020, presented the financial situation of their schools, the role as principals of the schools and plan for the year 2021. It was good to listen to the reports and after that Mr. Naeem Gill giving some an input explained “how we can improve education standard of our schools.” He encouraged the principals to introduce some new programs and activities to support the schools finically, refresher courses for the staff and annual calendar for the schools and hard work to improve the results. The meeting went very well. At the end of the meeting Very. Rev. fr. Younas Shahzad, OP met the Education Board members and they shared with him highlights of the meeting.
Reported by Fr. Shakeel Michael, OP