The name of the Order itself highlights its Charism. It is called the “Order of Preachers”. The Charism of the Order is to preach the Word of God in order to save the souls. The Order’s tradition witnesses the spirit of the Order of preachers and the Order has always kept the preaching as its top priority. LCO # 108 explains “The mission of the Friars Preachers to serve the Church by preaching the name of Jesus Christ to the nations is the responsibility of whole Order.” That is why the Dominicans have been studying, contemplating and preaching the Word of God in the past with great zeal and zest. We form our young friars in this view to be true preachers of the Word Incarnate. We preach the Crucified Christ in this context where our Christians are facing discrimination and rejection.


The first known Dominican arrived in the Indian sub-continental in 1291, just 70 years after the death of St. Dominic. By the 17th century the Dominican Congregation of India, based in the Portuguese settlement at Goa, numbered about 350 brothers, but died out in the 19th century.

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