Life of St. Dominic

After the death of St. Dominic, Blessed Jordan of Saxony wrote the biography of St. Dominic, so that the coming generation might benefit from his life and teaching. St. Dominic was born at Caleruega in Spain in 1170 A.D. After completing his studies in art and theology he got the training of a cleric from his uncle who was an archpriest. In 1196 A.D. he became part of the Canon Regular.

The most significant event happened in his life in 1206 A.D. When Diego elected him as his companion for the special papal mission to the heretical Albigensian. Both are unique personalities, because they lived a simple and poor life and had life-giving discussions with their opponents which brought them back not only to life but also to Christian faith. After the death of Bishop Diego some Albigensians killed the papal legate, Peter de Castelnau. In response to his brutal act, Pope Innocent III also ordered a military campaign to start war against the Albigensians which continued for five years. During this massive situation St. Dominic continued his mission of converting the Albigensians to the Christian faith with company of his few followers.

The vision of St. Dominic was to make a body of highly trained priests with monastic training, bound by vows with emphasis on obedience, but devoted to the active work of preaching and teaching anywhere and everywhere. St. Dominic was a man of remarkable character and broadness of vision. He had the deepest compassion for every human suffering which he saw during his life time. This spirit of service made him successful to get the formal approval of this new Order of Preachers in 1216 A.D. He died on 6th of August in 1221 A.D at Bologna. St. Dominic was canonized on 3rd July 1234 and his feast day is celebrated on 8th August. A star and a dog with a torch in its mouth represent the distinctiveness of his life as preacher of the Gospel.


The first known Dominican arrived in the Indian sub-continental in 1291, just 70 years after the death of St. Dominic. By the 17th century the Dominican Congregation of India, based in the Portuguese settlement at Goa, numbered about 350 brothers, but died out in the 19th century.

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